Mission :: Vision :: Values

Our vision is one of compassion, justice and meaning, expressed through a caring community where all people are valued and respected. It is in this spirit that we pursue a community development approach with the below principles.

Whole of person.
We recognize people’s wholeness and will work with them in an integrated way, having regard to their material, social and spiritual needs e.g. health, education, housing, employment, income, relationships and social engagement and faith.

Asset building.
We recognize the need  to focus on people’s assets, not just on their needs and problems, in the knowledge that in the long term people will most effectively meet their needs and develop themselves, if these assets are recognized, used and built upon.

Such assets include: skills and knowledge; positive relationships, ideas, dreams, goals and motivations, time and resources, and contacts with individuals and organizations. We know that, when people focus on their assets and put them into action, problems such as isolation, low morale or lack of confidence may diminish or disappear in the process.

Contribution to others.
We affirm that all our volunteers, in their different ways, have the potential to contribute to the wellbeing of others and that life is generally richer and more satisfying for those who can so contribute and for the social groups of which they are a part. Accordingly, we support people to become contributing members of families, groups and communities. The Soupbus is an important way through which people can contribute to others. However, volunteers may require support in the early stages of such involvement.

We will communicate and co-operate with welfare agencies, community groups, churches and local business in order to learn from each other’s experiences, to take joint action as appropriate and to thereby improve the effectiveness and scope of what we do. We recognize that each agency or program has particular things to contribute to certain sections of the community.

Prevention and Advocacy.
Whilst it will be our mission to assist people to deal with acute issues in their lives, we need to be aware of the prevention of future problems or before the problems escalate.

As well we seek opportunities to obtain necessary funding that will secure our long term future and provide a level of consistency in the lives of the people we will be assisting.

We know that prevention and early intervention involves change not just in individuals, but also in personal and family relationships, community and welfare agencies and other organizations. This also helps in the political and economic processes.
 We recognize the crucial role of advocacy in bringing about positive change, whether it is individuals, groups or whole sections of the community.  It can entail advocating for people, or assisting them to advocate for themselves, either individually or collectively.

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